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    1. Over 28 years ago we began our journey into the health and wellness arena with NTP Health Products.
      Over the years we have canvassed the idea of a current distributor taking over from us as we feel that this would be the ideal scenario.

      Complete Health Products (CHP) have now put their hand up to import both the Flora Manufacturing (FMD) and Teeccino product lines.

      As you may know, Kathryn Powell from CHP introduced the Udo's Choice line to the Queensland market in the mid-90s and with the full support of both Flora and Teeccino we consider them to be an excellent fit to take these product lines forward.

      These products will still be available from health food stores Australia wide.

      Online retail orders can be placed via

      Wholesale orders via

      For enquiries and orders for the Sota Instruments line please visit

      For enquiries and orders for Tints of Nature Hair Colour

      At this time a distributor for The Missing Link animal product line and the Nature's Design Glassware has not been found. 

      Please like our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ntphealthproducts for any updates in this regard.

      It has been an extraordinary journey and we have met some incredible people along the way.

      We are truly grateful for the support we have received from our suppliers, distributors and customers over the years.

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